Flower and Produce Show Classes

Flower Section - Freda Palmer Bowl

1    Single Rose any colour (12” maximum stem)

2    Vase of THREE stems of Dahlias (one bloom per stem)
3    Vase of different grasses (maximum height 24”)
4    Flowering Pot Plant (maximum pot size 10” internal diameter)
5    Fuchsia in a pot (maximum pot size 10” internal diameter)
6    Vase of FIVE scented flowers stems (maximum height 12”)



Flower Arranging - Bredrick Bowl

7    An arrangement of five flowers with or without foliage

8    An arrangement in an old boot or shoe (max size 24” x 24”) (Molly Bale Posy Bowl)

9    An arrangement commemorating WWI



Vegetables - Blue Lion Cup

10    Three Onions (plate provided)

11    Six Shallots
12    Three Potatoes (the same colour)
13    Five Runner Beans
14    Five French Beans
15    Three Carrots (with tops cut to 4”)
16    Two Courgettes
17    Five types of Herb in a container (15” maximum overall height including container)
18    Three Tomatoes
19    Three Beetroot
20    Three Chillies
21    Three Peppers
22    One Marrow
23    Five different salad items on a plate (provided)

24    One Cucumber



25    Three Dessert Apples
26    Three Cooking Apples 
27    Three Pears
28    Three Plums
29    Five different fruit on a plate (provided)

(Children - Please attach your name to the back of your entry)


Baking - Paterson Cup
30    Quiche Lorraine
31    Six Plain Scones on a plate
32    Six Cup Cakes decorated
33    Six pieces of Shortbread
34    Victoria sandwich cake (filled only with Raspberry jam)
35    Fruit cake/Loaf
36    Decorated Carrot Cake   (Men only)
37    Three Decorated Chocolate Brownies (children 11 and under only)

approximately 1lb (454g) Jars (no names visible please)
38    Chutney
39    Fruit Jam   
40    Fruit Jelly
41    Marmalade


42    A Cross-Stitched item
43    Something knitted (not necessarily something to wear)
44    An unusual Craft item
45    A Photograph ‘Wildlife in your Garden’


Fun Section
46    Longest Bean
47    Longest stick of Rhubarb – leaf removed
48    Heaviest Marrow
49    Ugliest Vegetable


Children’s Classes
50    Age 5-7        A homemade flower in a decorated plastic bottle
51    Age 8-11    A mask made from a plastic plate
(Children - Please attach your name to the back of your entry)