The Collingbournes & Everleigh Gardening Club

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On a frosty starlit evening in March 1990, seven hardy gardeners from Collingbourne Ducis were to be found in the school playground. A meeting had been arranged to discuss the possibility of forming a gardening club, the school hall had been booked, but unfortunately the key holder did not turn up.

Undeterred the meeting took place in the playground, a steering committee was formed, from which emerged the Collingbourne Ducis and Everleigh Gardening Club, later to become the Collingbournes and Everleigh Gardening Club.


The Club meets on the fourth Thursday of each month, from September to April, with visiting speakers covering a wide range of gardening related subjects. During the summer months there are evening visits and an all-day outing. We hold a plant sale every May for which members produce a great variety of plants at very reasonable prices.




For several years members helped with the Collingbourne Ducis Flower and Produce Show and in 2003 took over the running of the Show, which now forms a major part of the Ducis & Everleigh Village Show.


Flower and Produce Show Classes

Flower and Produce Show Schedule and Rules

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If you would like further information about the Club, please call the Chairman,  Terry Greenwood  (01264  852766), or Secretary,  Patti Marsh  (01264  850319)