Charities supported by the Ducis & Everleigh Village Show 2014


Who will be supported from Show Funds?


This year, 2014, clubs, societies, organisations and others from the communities will be able to bid for a grant from the Show profits. The details are set out below.



(Richard Carter (850260), Jane Crook (850436), John Dowsett (850273))

Please request a share of the Show proceeds

When the fun is all over and autumn beckons there will be a distribution of the Show’s net proceeds. This will be after allowing for all the costs of running the Show, and leaving a reasonable ‘float’ for next year. The intention is to be as fair and effective as possible with the funds available.


Requests for funds should explain briefly what the organisation/cause does, its financial position, how much is requested, what it will be used for, and who/how many will benefit. Requests should be no more than a side of A4 and preferably less, and will be considered purely on the facts and organisation’s circumstances not on their style or length.


All local organisations and good causes which directly benefit people in the villages can apply. The contribution of an organisation and its members in the running of the Show will be one of the significant factors when considering requests, but worthwhile organisations /causes which through their nature or circumstances did not participate may also apply.


Requests can be for help with running costs for existing activities or for specific projects such as equipment or start-up costs. Requests which will directly benefit one individual will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.


A representative group of five has been chosen by those running the Show this year to consider requests. Applications should be made in writing or by email with an attachment to Jane Crook or Richard Carter. They can be submitted at any time in August and up to 13th September. But why leave it so late, though??!!


Closing date for requests is Saturday 13th September 5.00 p.m.


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